Lisa Jarvis Jewelry for Furniture

“I see cabinet doors and drawer faces as open canvasses,” says Lisa. Interior
designers and architects react to my collection the same way — “We’ve been looking
for unique hardware like yours for years.”

LISA JARVIS • Jewelry For Furniture™ was launched in 2012. Driven by explosive growth, Lisa’s high quality solid brass, decorative hardware collection currently features almost ninety, distinctive knobs and pulls for commercial and residential applications. Custom work is a large part of the company ethos. Driven by client requests, Lisa has created varied designs; from high volume, licensed knobs for furniture manufacturers to, four, and five foot long pulls for clients worldwide.

Jewelry For Furniture™ and The Sophisticated Child™ can also be found at over a hundred stores across the US, Canada, the UK and Mexico.

“There’s nothing more satisfying,” says Lisa, “than the photos we receive every week from designers, architects and developers, thrilled by the effect our hardware has on the work for their clients.”