Lisa Jarvis Designs

At the age of thirteen, Lisa convinced her reluctant parents to give her a budget so she could decorate her bedroom. “I still remember every detail. Of course, I demanded full creative control,” she laughs. “I was a tough client.”

Since those precocious beginnings, Lisa has decorated New York penthouses, country homes, corporate offices and a pied-a-terre in Paris. But her underlying approach remains surprisingly consistent: “No matter how simple or complex it may be, if your home or office isn’t comfortable and representative of who you are, a powerful opportunity has been lost.”

Jewelry for Furniture

In Lisa Jarvis’ interior design work she can’t always find the perfect piece of furniture, so Lisa often designs and contract manufactures the pieces to meet her demanding clients’ needs. The very first piece was a 102” credenza and it led to the age old question: “Where do I get great hardware to match the uniqueness of this design?” Unable to find what she wanted, Lisa turned her creativity loose, this time on hardware. In showing her first creations to other designers for feedback, the response was, “Oh my god, I have been looking for pulls like this forever. Can I buy these from you?”