About Lisa Jarvis

I see cabinet doors and drawer faces as open canvasses” says Lisa. Interior designers and architects react to my collection the same way. They tell me, “We’ve been looking for unique hardware like yours for years.”

LISA JARVIS – JEWELRY FOR FURNITURE™ was launched in 2012. Driven by explosive growth, Lisa’s high quality solid brass, decorative hardware collection, currently features almost sixty distinctive knobs and pulls for commercial and residential applications. Custom work is a large part of the company ethos. Driven by client requests, Lisa has created carried designs; from high volume, licensed knobs for furniture manufacturers to eight, four-foot long Barre Pulls for demanding clients in Florida and Texas. JEWELRY FOR FURNITURE™ can also be found at select design stores in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Fransisco and Dallas.

There’s nothing more satisfying,” says Lisa, “than the photos we receive every week from designers thrilled by the effect our hardware has on the work for their clients.”

This singular mission means her clients are the beneficiaries of a lifetime of eclectic experience and creative passion: “Asian, Art Deco, the Natural World, La Belle Epoque – The world is saturated with inspiration.”

Lisa’s aesthetic sensibilities and global influences anchor not just her interior design, but can also be felt in her new collection of home furnishings. “I’ve learned that sometimes the best way to find that perfect piece is to design it myself. My collections, like all my work, reflect a specific point of view about clean lines, comfort and elegance – but with a twist. I’m driven by the notion that the spaces we move through, should above all be useful, beautiful, reflect the purpose for which they were designed and elevate my client’s style through the prism of my own.”